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We are the Best Tree Surgeons in Barnet

Here at Tree Surgeon Barnet we can perform all sorts of Tree surgery. This is the practice of performing operations on trees or their branches to make them healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Our Tree Surgeons are often called in when there are issues with the tree, such as when an area needs to be cleared after a storm for example. Our professional tree surgeons have many tools at their disposal, including chainsaws, shears, pole pruners and hydraulic tools.

  • Tree surgery is the treatment of trees under the supervision of an arborist ( Tree Surgeon). This can include
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree Pollarding
  • Hedge Trimming
Tree Surgeon Barnet

Tree Services in Barnet

If you are interested in tree surgery services or would like to know more about it, contact us now. Tree Surgeon Barnet’s Arborists are fully qualified to practice tree surgery when they have completed training in both the science and art of managing trees and arboricultural practices

This is a difficult profession because it requires knowledge of many different disciplines, we can do it all. It also requires a strong artistic skill set which enables an arborist to identify aesthetic issues with a tree and respond with appropriate treatments.

Tree Surgeon Barnet

Importance of Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons are trained professionals with expertise in the care, treatment and maintenance of trees. They are responsible for trimming any branches that grow too close to power lines for example or other obstructions, or that will not allow light to reach the lower levels of the tree. They may also remove diseased or damaged branches. Moreover, Tree surgeons do not usually remove whole trees, but Tree Surgeon Barnet can If need be.

You are looking to hire someone to do some tree surgery. In this case, it is important that you take your time when hiring.  

Tree Pruning

Tree surgery can be anything from trimming a branch to cutting down an entire tree. The type of task will depend on the needs of the client. But in general, it is meant to help trees maintain their health and suitability for living spaces in the long-term.  The following are some examples of common tree surgery tasks:

Tree Branch Trimming

Trimming branches in areas that are in close proximity to power lines or other major structures; Tree pruning (cutting back branches); Removing trees when there is safety risk; Pruning trees to make them grow in a certain direction; Trimming trees for aesthetic purposes; Removing dead or diseased branches or limbs; Removing dangerous limbs for safety reasons; Cutting down large trees; Planting new trees and cut down the old ones.

Contact Tree Surgeon Barnet now for a free quote on the tree service you would like.

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