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Here at Tree Surgeon Barnet we are experts at Hedge Trimming.

Hedge trimming, also known as hedge cutting, is the process of pruning tall hedges or overgrown plants for various reasons. Passers-by would only sense that the hedges are being trimmed for aesthetic purposes, and an eco-friendly environment is reflected in a beautiful landscape.

On the other hand, Hedge cutting entails more than simply removing the overgrowth.

Trimming hedges is all about cleaning up the area and making it look friendly with plants that have been clipped and molded into various shapes. Hedge trimming has also evolved into an art form. You can only respect how the trimmers were able to come up with masterpieces and works of art that mimic sculpture if you’ve seen diverse shapes of plants shaped into what their imagination can do.

Hedges are often used to define dwellings, sidewalks, and yards with shrubs and trees. Dead leaves frequently fall from branches that protrude, and hedge cutting keeps the area congested with undesired plant components. A tree located in a non-strategic location and whose branches and fruits are unsightly can also be trimmed.

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Here at Tree Surgeon Barnet we are aware of the importance of hedge trimming.


Trimming shrubs and hedges isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. They do, after all, play an essential role in your landscape, providing gorgeous and colorful leaves, flowers, and fruits. Shrubs also create a sense of privacy by hiding unwanted views of your home or the streets. They also function as a wildlife attractant.

  • Pruning your shrubs correctly and regularly keeps them in good form and health.
  • Hedge pruning is also required when the plants suffer from a range of problems, including:
  • Wild birds nesting in your shrubs or trees may cause damage to the plant.
  • Branches overgrew on the sidewalk, obstructing people and paths.
  • Long branches and heavy foliage can entangle electrical cables on the street.